Beyonce Says Move Your Body....We Say ReMove the Dress

We love you Beyonce, but this dress I'm not loving so much.
It seems the fashion police aren't "crazy in love" with the polka-dot Marc Jacobs dress Beyonce wore to Easter brunch in Paris. What's your take on her color-blocked frock and updo? Matronly or marvelous?

In other Bey's her debut of the First Lady inspired remix of Beyonce's video of Get Me Bodied. Now its Move Your Body:

Beyonce Blows Up Social 50 Chart

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Skyrocketing 25-14 on Billboard's Social 50 chart, Beyoncé rallies to a new chart high with a 334% burst in new week-over-week plays on monitored social networks and 142% boost in views. The jump is owed to attention gained from her new single "Run the World (Girls)," the diva's first single from her forthcoming fourth studio album.

COMING SOON.....New School of Animals Joining Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

*Rapper Drake, comedian Wanda Sykes, Nickelodeon star Keke Palmer and “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez are joining the voice cast of the fourth “Ice Age” cartoon, “Ice Age: Continental Drift.”

Actor Jeremy Renner and “Parks and Recreation” star Aziz Ansari have also been added to the Fox franchise, joining returning actors Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Seann William Scott and Josh Peck.

The cast was revealed Tuesday during a meeting on the Fox lot with potential promotional partners, licensees and retail partners, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Romano and Queen Latifah took participants through the “Continental Drift” storyline.

Due in theaters on July 13, 2012, Renner will portray Gutt, a self-styled master of the high seas. Lopez will play Shira, a saber-toothed tiger who melts the heart of Diego, played by Leary. Romano returns as Manny and Queen Latifah as Ellie, both mammoths. It was not known what roles the other new arrivals would play.

The first three “Ice Age” films have grossed nearly $2 billion at the worldwide box office, putting Fox and production partner Blue Sky Studios squarely in the animation game. Their winning streak continues with”Rio,” which has grossed nearly $300 million in less than three weeks.

“Ice Age” is becoming a year-round brand for Fox. A Christmas television special is being planned, along with a mobile game and online game.

Scrat's Continental

Marcus and Angela Are Still At It

Tyler Perry is bringing another television series to TBS, making it number three!

Perry has signed his latest deal with the Turner-owned network for “For Better or Worse,” a dramedy series based on his successful “Why Did I Get Married?” movie franchise.

Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith are confirmed to reprise their roles as the much loved and famously dysfunctional married couple Marcus and Angela. Many lovers of the movie 'Why Did I Get Married' one and two often feel that the couple stole the show each time and thus deserved to give fans more.

'For Better or Worse' will air initially with 10 episodes. If ratings show mass approval, the network will order 90 more.

The series like Perry's others, will be syndicated by Debmar Mercury and will begin production this summer. At the same time, Perry will be wrapping production on 'House of Payne' after a staggering 222 episodes.

“Even though it will be sad to say goodbye to ‘House of Payne,’ I’m really looking forward to exploring new territory with ‘For Better or Worse,’” said Perry. “Working on ‘House of Payne’ taught me a lot about what it takes to make a successful television series and I’m looking forward to applying that experience to ‘For Better or Worse.’”

Lil Scrappy Still Has His Mama D

Lil Scrappy and Mama D

Lil Scrappy and Diamond

It seems like Lil Scrappy is loved by at least one woman, his mama and she's mad! Lil Scrappy's on again-off again girlfriend rapptress Diamond has been seen and photographed with rapper Soulja Boy.
Diamond and Soulja Boy

Although she contends they are 'just hanging out', the photos show a much deeper connection.
In a phone call to HOT 107.9 FM in Atlanta, Mama D makes her feelings crystal clear about how she feels about her son's ex.
Take a listen:

Jamie Foxx: Man About Town

Photo courtesy of NY Post: Page Six

Jamie Foxx looked downright presidential as he worked the room at Hollywood hot spot Katsuya after performing at a fund-raiser for President Obama at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City on Thursday night. Sources said the actor and singer said hello to everyone there, including strangers, as he did several laps shaking hands and kissing cheeks around the restaurant. By the time he left, Foxx had rung up a $1,000 tab of sushi and drinks with his group. He currently plays a smooth-talking bird in the new hit cartoon movie "Rio."

Dwitght vs. Royce....again!

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Dwight Howard is seeking a $500,000 judgment won against “Basketball Wives” starlette Royce Reed, after she violated a court order prohibiting her from speaking publicly about him.

According to TMZ, Reed has not yet paid Howard even though he won the judgment in Florida, Dwight has filed papers with a court in California. This would give Howard the right to go after Royce’s assets in California.

Dwight contends Royce owes him $551,606.74 which includes interest and he wants it.

Tyler Perry on Lopez Tonight

Tyler Perry on why Prince threatened to sue him and his long-standing crush on Diana Ross....

Tyler Perry's Madea vs. George Lopez's Tia

Jennifer Hudson vs. Nina Simone

Jennifer Hudson covers this Nina Simone classic 'Feeling Good'. Take a listen to both:

Nina Simone:

Jennifer Hudson:

Be & RiRi Join Forces

*Beyonce Knowles is reportedly recording a duet with Rihanna for her upcoming new album.

The singer – who officially released her new single “Run The World (Girls)” today following yesterday’s full demo leak – has asked RiRi to record a duet for her new, as yet untitled record, set to be released in June.

The pair reportedly first discussed working together at this year’s Grammys, and have now set time aside in their schedules to work on the track.

A source told website M is For Music: “Rihanna has wanted to work with Beyonce for some time now and, after talking about a duet at this year’s Grammys, they have finally managed to set aside some time to record together. The song will feature on Beyonce’s album and will be a number one smash hit for sure.”

Eddie Murphy Has 1000 Words

*A release date has finally been set for Eddie Murphy’s long-delayed family fantasy comedy “A Thousand Words,” which stars the actor as a man who discovers he only has 1,000 words left to speak before he dies.

Murphy shot the film three years ago with director Brian Robbins, whom he previously worked with in “Norbit” and “Meet Dave.”

But when DreamWorks split from Paramount, “Words” was one of the two films the company couldn’t afford to take with them (the other being “The Lovely Bones”), according to Dark Horizons.

On top of that, the film had disastrous test screenings which led to repeated delays, while the sheer cost of the project (and reshoots on it earlier this year) meant that it couldn’t be dumped direct-to-disc, the website continues.

The film, therefore, will be released in theaters – on January 13th 2012.

Dark Horizons adds: “A mid-January slot, though not as dismissible as it used to be, is still considered something of a dumping ground. Should the studio stick to that date, one hopes (but doubts) there’ll be something salvageable in it to make it worth watching.”

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Who Is Leon Timbo and Why Does He Think He Can Sing With Tyrese?

"My songs are birthed in secret places on a stage of transparent prayers so they require the listener to be ready to be transparent in their listening," explains Timbo.

Combining soulful warmth, a genuine and folksy feel with his immediately recognizable voice, Leon has sung his way into the hearts of industry leaders like Quincy Jones, Sean "Diddy" Combs, R. Kelly, and many more along with his host of fans worldwide. His ability to say what so many feel is uncanny.
Simple yet sophisticated, Leon's’ music and lyrics have phenomenal accessibility and universal appeal. He expresses what every man wants to say in a relationship where he feels he's failing or to true friends. Leon’s music even invites the listener on a patriotic ride with political expressions. Leon sets his passions on the Creator exclusively with the reminiscent seventies register of styles and a bit of Seal like quality.

Leon Timbo began singing at the late age of 16. In his early 20's, he chose the acoustic guitar to further his expression through music. Leon began traveling in 2006 after a national album release of "Soul Sessions" with an independent label. The album did poor in sales due to the lack of marketing and budget, but this did not stop Leon from his grass roots self marketing. Leon chose to use this as a platform and stepping stone. With his consistent grinding, Leon was doing over 150 shows per year by 2008. Leon has received abnormal success and publicity over the country as he simply explains the most under discussed and simply misunderstood parts of life, love, and God in a very non religious approach.

Leon Timbo recently signed a label deal with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds through the introduction of Tyrese Gibson, one of Leon's close friends. Babyface Edmonds has produced and written music for many artists including Prince, Al Green, Beyoncé, Diana Ross, Sheena Easton, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Paula Abdul, Pebbles, Tevin Campbell, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Mary J. Blige, Tamia, Janet Jackson, Shola Ama, 3T, Sisqo, Dru Hill, Fall Out Boy, Céline Dion, Katharine McPhee, Mariah Carey, Vanessa L. Williams, En Vogue, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Kenny G, Kristinia DeBarge, Lil Wayne, Aretha Franklin, Japanese singer Ken Hirai, P!nk, Marc Nelson, TLC, and Phil Collins among others. Babyface received three consecutive Grammy Awards for Producer of the Year in 1995–1997.

Babyface feels its time to tirelessly labor to house Leon Timbo's authentic sound to present Him to the world. He says, "Leon Timbo is going to take this industry by storm. He's diverse and he has the natural charisma it takes to stand out in a sea of artist."

Timbo has a heart to speak truth acoustically and build upon an already inspiring tradition of music set before him.

Tyrese & Leon

R. Kelly & Leon

Fabolous – The Soul Tape

Fabolous – The Soul Tape (Mixtape Countdown Page)

Fabolous is set to drop his new mixtape “The Soul Tape” this Thursday (4/21) at 1pm on The mixtape boasts features from Lil Wayne, Red Cafe, Vado, Paul Cain & more. The link to the mixtape countdown page can be found below. The mixtape will go live on the countdown page at 1pm on Thursday.


1. Pain / Fabolous / Produced by Santana & P-Thought

2. Wolves in Sheeps Clothing / Fabolous ft. Paul Cain

3. Really Tho / Fabolous / Produced by Teddy da Don

4. That’s Not Love / Fabolous ft. Lil Wayne / Produced by StreetRunner

5. Leaving You / Fabolous / Produced by Sonaro

6. In The Morning / Fabolous

7. Drugs (Do This To Me) / Fabolous ft. Paul Cain & Broadway / Produced by Broadway

8. Y’all Don’t Hear Me Tho / Fabolous ft. Red Cafe Produced by Cardiak

9. Phone Numbers / Fabolous

10. Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside / Fabolous ft. Vado & Lloyd Banks

11. Riesling & Rolling Papers / Fabolous

12. Slow Down / Fabolous ft. Trey Songz / Produced by DJ Swivel

13. PayBack Music / Fabolous ft. Freck Billionaire

Bonus: “Look At Her” You Be Killin’ Em Pt 2. / Fabolous ft. Ryan Leslie & Ne-Yo

LisaRaye Said....

In season 2 of The Real McCoy, LisaRaye let it all hang out!

Now that season 2 is well under way, LisaRaye dishes that things get really real and she's just being who she really is.

LisaRaye makes no secret about her sexuality, her need for companionship,love for family and keep the money rolling in. She's an actress, businesswoman, advocate for women's issue and a mother.

Flanked by good friends, assistants and family, LisaRaye makes it no secret that she is The Real McCoy.

The Real McCoy airs Thursdays at 9pm on TV One. For more information, go to



This family dramedy is one that many can relate to but few speak of. Coming from a 'have-not' side of town and marrying into the 'haves' presents a few challenges for both families. In Jumping the Broom Sabrina (Paula Patton) a young professional coming from a well-to-do family who plans to marry Jason (Laz Alonszo), a young professional who had to work hard from humble beginnings and is plagued by a mother who isn't impressed by any woman he's dated. So making it work with Sabrina, he decided to take his mother out of the equation. When Jason introduces mama Taylor (Loretta Devine) to his wife-to-be, its days before the wedding and the drama begins.

Jumping the Broom is packed with explosive personalities independent of the wedding drama. With a surprisingly impressive performance, Mike Epps offers his well-expected comedic tone. But he also presented the voice of reason and maturity to his sister Mama Taylor. Jumping the Broom is a great Mothers Day weekend movie. Mothers and mother-in-laws will laugh out loud and at this hilarious movie and will eventually be a must have in the video collection.

Jumping the Broom boasts an all-star cast also including: Angela Bassett, Meagan Good, Tasha Smith, Pooch Hall, Romeo Miller, Valerie Pettiford, DeRay Davis, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Gary Dourdan and T.D. Jakes. Jumping the Broom opens in theaters on Mothers Day weekend.

My Opinion
Scene Stealers: Tasha Smith and Romeo Miller offer an undeniable dysfunctional chemistry that is hilarious and unexpected.

Shocker: Mike Epps is proving the can be more than the funny man on camera. Its time he's offered the Will Smith and Denzel-esque type of roles. He's proven tried and true that he can hold his own and is bankable.


There's the dress, the tux, pictures, the little flower thing, a limo and the last night you'll ever spend with your senior class. Its Prom Night and its every girls rite of passage to feel special and princess-like.

At Prom, every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. Several stories unfold at one high school as the big night fast approaches; Prom portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite.

Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it's at a battle of wills as she finds herself drawn to bad boy Jesse Richter (Thomas McDonell) who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Senior classmates Mei (Yin Chang) and Tyler (De'Vaughn Nixon) harbor secrets that would effect the course of their relationships, while others face all the insecurity and anticipation that surrounds one of high school's must-be-there events.

Prom is in theaters on April 29th.

My Opinion
Scene Stealer: Jordan and Tylers homecoming dance....priceless!

Shocker: Jordan and Tyler's homecoming dance.....shocker!

Do We Still Care About the Color of Skin? Really?

Check out Carol's Daughters newest spokesmodels! Selita Ebanks (front bottom left); Solange Knowles (top); and Cassie (bottom right). Photo taken by Stephen Sullivan for Women's Wear Daily

Is it me or does the issue of black on black racism come around too often and nothing is being done about? Has anyone been reformed of their old way of thinking?

Carol's Daughter just introduced their spokeswomen and then came the hate! By signing Selita Ebanks, Solange Knowles and Cassie as spokeswomen for the brand, Carol’s Daughter is making a strong statement that polyethnic diversity is a thing of beauty — and on the rise.

Carol’s Daughter Chairman and entertainment industry mogul, Steve Stoute, was quoted in Women’s Wear Daily stating:

What we’re doing now is moving into a polyethnic space. When I say polyethnic, I mean women who are made up of several ethnicities... If you ask them what they are, they’re going to use a lot of different words to describe themselves. That’s in line with the Census data coming out — people are checking much more than two boxes....They will serve as cultural ambassadors in bringing forth this acceptance that the definition of beauty is now colorless...There are no longer boxes of white, black, Latina, Asian. More and more women are checking the other box.

Even Women's World Daily weighed in on the subject.

Carol’s Daughter aims to showcase the customers who can’t be neatly slotted into one category or another. Take, for instance, Cassie, who is of black and Filipina descent, or Ebanks, who has Jamaican, Irish, Indian and African heritage and grew up in the Cayman Islands. Knowles is of African-American and French Creole descent.“Carol’s Daughter doesn’t have just one direct demographic,” said Ebanks. “Solange’s hair is a different texture than mine; so is Cassie’s. Our skin and body types are different. Today, people are blended, and I think the three of us are a prime example. Women in my family range from vanilla to the deepest chocolate.”

Now you weigh in!


Jennifer Hudson Performs "Believe", a new song on her new album 'I Remember Me' and pays homage to the originators Brooks & Dunn for their original version.

Take a listen. Both versions are amazing! Which version do you like best?




Musiq Soulchild played host to a barage of media at the Buckhead Maggiano's Italian restaurant, spoiling them with a menu some of the restaurants most popular items. At home in Atlanta, he was happy to be home and able to promote his newest album "MusiqintheMagiq".

After listening to tracks from his new album, its evident that Musiq is not a big fan of features since his only guest appearance came from Swizz Beats on 'Anything'.
Musiq gave the media a taste of whats to come by playing the video and he explained the song's meaning:

"'Anything' is really about jealousy and insecurity. In relationships, it's not wise to automatically assume that whenever you feel suspicious about someone, that something negative is going on. If a man is saying and showing that he loves you, then give him some credit and have a little faith."