Usher Wins Child Custody Battle

In the wake of a tragic loss with the death of Ushers stepson Kile, the wind seems to blowing Ushers way. This past Friday the singer was awarded primary physical custody of his two sons Usher V and Naviyd, ending an ugly long legal fight with his ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane ruled that the singer, will have primary custody of the singers' two biological children with Tameka. According to Cherrise Boone, spokeswoman for the court clerk's office. Usher will be awarded custody beginning September 1st. 

In May, Usher testified that Tameka Raymond spit at and tried to fight with his girlfriend during one visit and that his ex-wife hit him during the dispute. He said he didn't press charges because: "I didn't want the boys to know that their father put their mother in jail," he said.

Gloria Govan Talks Backhanding the Sh*T Outta Shaunie and Saving Evelyn for Last

Cherise Nicole ( got together with Gloria Govan of “Basketball Wives: LA.” for the scoop on next season. There are new chics coming, but are any of them wives? Hell no! Gloria also renames the series to what it actually should be. Take a listen....

My Word...K. Michelle vs. Tamar Braxton

Its rare that I offer my opinion, but the fact that so many people are voiceing thiers on whether Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's cast mate K. Michelle was actually beaten by her ex-boyfriend is shocking me that THIS is the topic of conversation.

Let's wonder why she is still so raw about this part of her life. Why hasn't she found a way to cope? If these ladies aren't her real friends, why care so much?

The show gave the dysfunctional menage' trois (Joceline, Stevie J and Mimi) a few sessions on the family counseling couch. I think Dr. Jeff could be more useful with K. Michelle, right? So now Tamar is reportedly a non-believer? Whether or not this girl is telling the truth about a clearly traumatizing event in her life is her burden to bare.

When Tamar's husband went into the hospital, many seemed to think she didn't show enough emotion and questioned her love for the man. So you'd think she would take her own advise of others minding their business and not going public with nothing substantial to say. But reality TV isn't really for those who are keeping it real or talented is it?

Only a few talented folks have used reality TV to rejuvenate an already stable career. Kandi Burrus, Phaedra Parks, Monica, Shaunie McNeal and Cynthia Bailey to name a few. These people came to the table with skills and talent and have left or still continue to use reality TV to fuel their business acumen.

So do you believe K. Michelle? Honestly, I do. But does my opinion matter? No. She doesn't care about my opinion and we don't care about Tamar's. But if i must add more to this point, I'd say this to K. Michelle: Get counseling for yourself and stop using insults (though very funny) to divert the attention off of you. Get help.

That's my word.

Let's Have a Conversation

Inspired by actor and author, Hill Harper's book, "Letters to a Young Sister: DeFINE Your Destiny", the Enchanted Closet developed the program CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters to provide girls an opportunity to converse with positive male role models who offer up sage advice, encouragement, and inspiration to aid their growth and self esteem. 

There are so many one parent households with mom as the head and dad isn't around, many girls rarely, if ever, dialogue with men. 

CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters enables girls to obtain a more balanced perspective, to express their feelings, and gain understanding of issues important to them.

CONVERSATIONS With Young Sisters will be held on August 18, 10:30 a.m at Villages at Carver Family YMCA in Atlanta.

Want to attend? Registration is now open at

One MusicFest...You Know What "They" Say

They (whoever they are) say, when everyone is saying the same thing there must be some truth to it. 

So if your plans are to do something other than go to One MusicFest in Atlanta this Labor Day Weekend, listen to these people before you make alternate plans. 



Food Truck 

Vendor Booths

Steam House Lounge

September 1st

Masquerade Music Park

Historic 4th Ward Park

One Musicfest 2012 Press Conference Hosted by Egypt Sherod

One Musicfest hosted its' third annual press conference at Atlanta's Studioplex. V-103's mid-day diva Egypt Sherod hosted an industry-heavy panel of influential entertainment gurus. 

Kameron Corvet
Before the evening got kicked off, we were treated to sounds by Kameron Corvet.

Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall held the attention of everyone in the room when he introduced the city's new initiative YO Boulevard (Year Of Boulevard). Hall boldly declared 2012 the “Year of Boulevard.” His ambitious agenda for turning Atlanta's Boulevard corridor around includes crime prevention, job training, education reform, economic development and summer youth programs.
Egypt introduced the theme for the evening "The State of the Atlanta Music Scene" and the room fully engaged. Needless to say, the evening was a sucess and the purpose of One Musicfest to bring together new musicians and established artists from varying musical genres all in one day was clearly on display. One Musicfest 2012 will be held on Labor Day weekend (Saturday, September 1st) at Masquerade Music Park and Fourth Ward Historic Park.  

The evenings panelists included: Keinon Johnson (Interscope Records), Peniece Legall (SESAC), Aaron Arnold (Music is My Business), J. Carter (Founder of ONE Musicfest), Shanti Das (Press Reset Entertainment), Salah Annanse (Celebrity DJ), Maurice Garland (Veteran Music Editor), Mali Hunter (Tree Sound Studios). 

See you at the concert. 

Frustrated? Don't Blame Rio

What happens when a man feels unwanted and rejected by the woman he loves? 
Where does he go? 
What does a man do when the women in his life tell him he's not good enough? 
He gets frustrated and he leaves...and he goes to Rio. 

When you think of Rio de Janeiro, the beauty of the beach, the culture, and the food isn't the first thing on the minds of African American women. To them, this is the thing luring their black men and dangling unlimited opportunities for extra-marital affairs and rampant prostitution. Sisters see Rio as an impoverished country with uneducated women taken advantage of by black men who take their meager earnings and live like kings unbeknownst to their girlfriends and wives back home. Rumor has it that when a man becomes frustrated, he goes to Rio.

Inspired and appalled by the 2006 Essence Magazine article “Blame It On Rio”, film maker Al Greeze wanted to know what really drove men to the Brazilian town of Rio de Janiero and what keeps them coming back? With so much attention garnered towards the article, Al decided to make the trip to Rio de Janiero and see for himself if there was truth to the rumors and while there, film a documentary to give life to the subject of such frustration.

It should be noted that “Blame It On Rio” was written by William Jelani Cobb, a professor at Spellman College which is an all female institution. It must also be noted that Essence Magazine is a predominantly black female-read publication. So it goes noted that when this article was published, the black female reader would have none of their men taking hoppers to Brazil for a guys weekend. As a matter-of-fact, going anywhere for a boys weekend after that article was published was a source of contention for many couples.

 Once black men learned of the article “Blame It On Rio” and saw the impact it was having on their women, many felt as if they were being unjustly judged and attacked. Many men believed that without questioning the validity from where the article originated, women drew the line in the Brazilian sand and forbade their men from taking the trip and any overnight trip away with the guys.

So other than the sheer curiosity of the unknown, what drives a man to Rio? In the documentary 'Frustrated', men openly express their disdain with the way women judge them for their career path, level of education, their financial contributions to the relationship and their refusal to be the submissive and dutiful wife they believe they need in the home.

So ladies as you read this, answer this question quietly but honest. The summer is coming to a close and your man has been very good, or not. He and the boys want a few days away to do the guy thing. In Rio. Do you block him from leaving? Do you question his motives for going? Or do you let him go? And if he goes, how are you really feeling about his trip? You've heard the rumors.

Men, you have a loving woman at home, or not. The boys want to have a few days away in Rio. Do you avoid the obvious argument this will create and stay home? Do you go on the trip and wonder if she'll be there when you get back? What are you really going for? Watching 'Frustrated', women can finally be the fly on the wall to see how men really feel about them and their chosen roles they have decided to play in their relationships. Take a look at the trailer and keep the conversation going and to get your own copy of Frustrated go here (

Take a listen to the conversation I had with filmmaker Al Greeze.

CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters

Inspired by the actor and author Hill Harper, “Letters to a Young Sister: DeFINE Your Destiny” provides inspirational advice to young girls in his best-selling book.
After realizing that over 85% of the girls who attend Enchanted Closet programs don't have a father in the home, the Enchanted Closet developed the program CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters in 2009 to provide girls an opportunity to converse with positive men who provide them advice, encouragement, and inspiration to aid their growth and self esteem. 
Since most of the girls rarely, if ever, dialogue with men, CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters enables girls to obtain a more balanced perspective, to express their feelings, and gain an understanding of issues important to them.

All of our GIRL$ Programs are free for girls 12-19 years old and their families living in 14 plus metropolitan Atlanta counties. Continental breakfast and lunch are served.

Registration is required and can be done here, at



L to R: Stevie J, Joceline, Mona Scott-Young, K. Michelle & Scrappy   

Monday night, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" executive producer Mona Scott-Young along with cast members Joseline, Stevie J, K.Michelle and Scrappy kicked off their reunion show week in NYC at a press reception at Griffin in the Meatpacking District.

Sponsored by Bartenura Moscato and Ciroc, the private event - attended by over 75 New York media VIPs - featured an episode screening and a candid Q&A that featured comments like:

Scrappy: "If getting checks with my mama makes me a mama's boy, then I guess I'm a mama's boy."

Joseline: "I do whatever my daddy (Stevie J) tells me to do."

PDA with Joceline and Stevie J
Q&A topics ranged from the status of Stevie J and Joseline's relationship to Scrappy not wanting to pay child support to K.Michelle's music career. The full LHHATL cast is set to tape the reunion show today.
To catch up on all the juicy drama, tune into "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" on Mondays at 8pm ET/PT on VH1.  

Visit the show online at  

Photos: Malinda Bell, Rowena Husbands

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